017.0 - Mark DeVries (Part 1) - having vision, running meetings, shaping the narrative


The J’s admit to being overwhelmed with the awesomeness of Mark DeVries (aka, man-crush?)  We interview Mark and here about his story.  We talk about why youth directors shouldn’t be excited when they see a job description that says “we want someone to bring a vision to our youth group.”  Mark talks about shaping the narrative and says “the one that tells the best stories wins” and it blows Jonathan’s mind.  The Js collectively agree that notes are the only thing that can be “copious.”  Jonathan cannot get over how long Mark was at his church.  Jonny over-uses a southern accent when describing bad churches.  Jonathan calls him out.  Jonny immediately repents.  Shalom is restored.  Jonny also confesses that everything Mark says about leading meetings is everything he needs to hear.  Jonathan dittos.  John is strangely silent during this time… He may have fallen asleep.  Jonny says something about “if someone is rambling for three minutes about something" and Jonathan realizes he has been rambling for about three minutes.  John speaks up after Jonathan says he doesn’t want to hijack the episode.  Then Jonathan hijacks the episode.  (But it’s good to know he didn’t WANT to do it…)   o_O 

Please go to www.ministryarchitects.com and see what amazing this Mark DeVries is doing…. because he’s doing A LOT of amazing things.