018.0 - Mark DeVries (Part 2) - youth min's bad incentive system, the death wave, new books


Right off the bat we talk about how wonderful cookie dough is (which Jonny calls “batter” for reasons we don’t go into).  Jonathan claims you can redeem a cooked cookie by freezing it.  Jonny presses further and asks about brownie “batter” and then goes too far and says he likes to eat pancake batter.  Ewww.  Jonathan compares Mark DeVries’ voice to Jon Stewart’s impression of George W Bush.  (Look it up… it’s legit.) We all agree the British accent is amazing and makes things better.   Then we go to the interview which is actually the part worth listening to.  Mark discusses an idea he has around we have a broken incentive system in Youth Ministry.  While this isn’t a new idea, Mark’s take on it is pretty fantastic.  Jonathan’s mind is blown.  They then talk about the “Death Wave” which is either a huge problem or the name of a Middle School event…   Mark explains how fishing can BE ministry - and actually FUND ministry.  We also ask Mark to talk about new books coming out soon from him and his partners in ministry.  John talks about setting fire to rafts. (pyro much?)  Jonathan tries to again explains the “death wave” and why he’s obsessed with it.  He tries to put a positive spin on it…which is hard to do on something called “death wave.”  We discuss encouraging participation over actual growth.  John has a great question about how we separate students at youth group and events.  Jonathan rambles on and on and then wonders why the podcast went long.  Feel free to tweet and make fun of him - @j3youthmin