019.0 - Arthur Satterwhite - Biblical Engagement, ABS, Look Inside


In this episode, we begin by talking about wonderfulness of the last name “Satterwhite.”  The topic at hand is helping people engage with the Scriptures.  We sit down with the perfect person to discuss this topic - Arthur Satterwhite who works at the American Bible Society.  We talk about his story and about the story of ABS.  We then talk about some amazing research that ABS did with the Barna Group about people’s perceptions of the Bible.  The results are really fascinating!  There is A LOT here.  There are 4.8 Bibles per household!  So people HAVE Bibles, but the studies are showing that people don’t what to do with them.  Check out www.lookinside.bible and pass it along to people that might be interested in learning more.