016.0 - Stefanie Boyce - be a lighthouse


Stefanie Boyce is the epitome of "ministering out of the overflow."  Jonathan sits down with her they talk about part of her story and what lessons she's learned along the way.  Stefanie is a speaker, blogger, writer, and all-around awesome person.  (Check out her blog "From Type A to Plan B" @ www.stefanieboyce.com)  She quotes Anne Lamott, which makes her the second person to do so in the last few episodes.  (And Jonathan is starting to think that we just need to get her on the podcast... so... if anyone of you know her... tell her to call us!)  After the interview all the J'sagree that people need to "let leaders lead" but Jonny reminds us that we can just complain about that when looking up... we need to practice this with our own volunteers.  John talks about the idea of the "Good Try" which we need to bring back into our normal lexicon. Jonny makes a decent burn on the Miami Dolphins.  Jonathan is vaguely aware of who the Miami Dolphins are.  We discuss lighthouses.  It's one of the best episodes we've done...  (definitely in the top 16).  Enjoy.