020.0 - Len Kageler - education, degrees, and learning styles


We talk about the who has what degrees.  Jonathan Hobbs comes in third place with 'some' graduate level work.  We all agree that John C will have his doctorate sooner than later.  And then the sentence "I have a BS in the Bible and I'm getting my DMIN" is said.  Epic. 

Len Kageler tells us that he has actually been doing (actually DOING) youth ministry for 40 YEARS!  He's recently stepped down from being a "weekly youth leader" but still speaks all over the world and even still finds time to do ministry in his local area.  He also is in his final year of teaching at Nyack College in Nyack, New York.  He is widely considered one of the "Godfathers" of modern youth ministry and has a ton of wisdom to offer us.  We decided for this interview, we wanted to hear about "learning styles" and how he's integrated that into his teaching methods.  Len also admits that his did a youth retreat at a house of prostitution.  Wow.  just....wow.  (note: It was by accident.)   We discuss how Len got his PhD and his decision to be a more of an "academic" youth director.  He does studies and writes (and presents) academic papers.  He has valued the importance of a strong academic presence in the field of youth ministry.  (Which is something that many people don't even know exists!)   

The three J's then discuss the topics (in reverse order in which the interview presented them...oddly enough).  How well are we PRESENTING our messages?  Are people receiving them?  Communication is a two way process.  We then go into a trickier topic:  What is the MINIMUM of something that should be hired to lead a youth ministry?  This really isn't a simple question.  John C does a shout out to his mom.  Literally... a "word to your mother." (#iceicebaby)  And Jonny completely forgets how we do our signoff and we have to do it twice.

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