012.0 - Brock Morgan


We discuss books and Jonny R confesses that he doesn’t “read for entertainment.”  It’s universally agreed that the name “Brock” is cool, and that it’s pretty hard to be uncool if your parents name you Brock.  The hosts become collectively upset at their parents for naming them iterations of “John.”  We interview Brock Morgan and he shares that he grew up on the tour bus of his dad’s band - Amplified Version.  We also discuss Brock’s new book - 2027 (available Sept 15 from The Youth Cartel).  Brock also has an AMAZING book called “Youth Ministry in a Post-Christian World” that you need to read if you haven’t already.  After our chat with Brock, the three J’s talk a lot about the interview and the themes that came out.  

All very good stuff.  Lots here to make you think. 

AND…There’s a fun surprise at the end.  You’re welcome.