015.0 - Rich Douglas - Angry Youth Guy & Networking


Jonathan says "the Twitter" and realizes he's a 85-year-old man in a 38-year-old's body.  The J’s plug their twitter handles as a thinly veiled cry for help (or at least a cry for attention).  The #nightmoose comes up again because we still think it's funny.  We chat with Rich Douglas about what it’s like to do youth ministry in a small southern town.  He also claims he doesn’t have an accent… and says it WITH AN ACCENT… which Jonathan somehow doesn’t push back on during the interview.  Shotty journalism!  In the debrief John and Jonny Make great points... Jonathan goes on a rabbit trails then finally says something insightful.. and THEN realizes how far down a rabbit trail they've all gone... and that's basically the end of the episode.    

You should TOTALLY follow Rich Douglas on Twitter... the guy is AWESOME. Click Here...