023.0 - Danny Kwon - Part 1: Parents


Danny has been at his church for 24 years.  That’s amazing.  Danny is amazing.  He’s so amazing that it takes two episodes to to interview him.   He’s a father of teenagers and married to a therapist.  He’s active on facebook and instagram.  He seems to take a lot of pictures of food he’s cooking.  He’s VERY excited about his Sam’s Club membership.  We chat about his 3 (2.5) books.  His first book was A Youth Worker’s Field Guide to Parenting.  We hear some of his wisdom about what it’s like to see parenting teens from both side: the pastor AND the parent.  He gives some great advice about how you can give your kids money every time you mention them in a sermon.  The Js immediately go down a completely unrelated rabbit hole about ministry titles.  (Reverend outranks Doctor!)  Jonny and Jonathan agree that we should have gotten Danny’s wife in to be interviewed as well.  #fail.  John makes a great point about giving parents the benefit of the doubt.  We all collectively agree that #SportsShaming needs to stop in church circles.  John makes the point that we have to deal with the idea that sometimes sports teams are offering a type of community that we aren’t offering (and maybe can’t offer) at youth group.  Jonathan proclaims that he is tired (“exhausted”) of hearing youth leaders complain about sports.  John challenges the idea that we always assume that church events are more spiritual than sports events.  Follow Danny on Facebook and Instagram - DKwonPhilly - and twitter @DannyKwonPhD