024.0 - Danny Kwon - Part 2: Mission Tripping


The Js start off with rethinking some of the stuff they loved about LAST episode (they just can’t let go of the past).  Danny Kwon talks about Missions Trips — and he LOVES them.  He refuses to poo poo short term missions trips.  He wrote a book about it called Mission Tripping.  (It also has an accompanying journal.)  Danny give some great advice, using examples of how his church has structured their trips.  He talks about BIG things to consider, but also small things (like getting to the airport).  Danny also shares some wisdom that he tries to teach his leaders and interns.  We also ask the important question of the correlation between a male’s facial hair and quality of his ministry.  The Js talk about missions trips (duh).  Jonathan talks about the returning interest in “pilgrimage” trips - and then questions whether or not we’ve been confusing missions and pilgrimages. We also promote the idea of local missions trips.  We make reference to Andy Crouch’s book PLAYING GOD (read it asap… amazing book).   Jonny has a brilliant point at the end… listen for it!   Follow Danny Kwon on Facebook and Instagram - DKwonPhilly - and twitter @DannyKwonPhD