025.0 - Doug Ranck - the long haul

Doug Ranck

Doug is the Associate Pastor to Youth, Children, and Families at the Free Methodist Church in Santa Barbara CA.  He has worked at that church for 34 years!  The J’s lose their minds over that fact.  Doug also works with Ministry Architects, InterLink, Congregation Trauma and Growth, AND facilitates local youth ministry networks.  Jonny asks him what the secret is to staying in the same place for so long.  Doug is open about some of the struggles early on and shares what kept him grounded. John Jonny and Jonathan discuss how well Doug balances his life, and how much loves doing ministry.  The question is asked “What would you be doing different if you thought you’d be staying for the rest of your life?”  Great Discussion!  You can contact at doug@fmcsb.org … you can find him on facebook (www.facebook.com/doug.ranck) and twitter (@DougRanck).