028.0 - Kenny Alonzo - Rocketown (Nashville, TN)


Rocketown is an amazing place is Nashville TN.  It's so amazing that even trying to tell you WHAT it is, isn't a simple thing.  It's a youth center.  It's a skate park.  It's a concert venue.  And it's MORE!  Kenny Alonzo took over the leadership there in 2017 and we sat down with him.  He tells us his story, Rocketown's story, and invites you to stop by if you're ever in Nashville.  

But more importantly, it is revealed that John Chaffee is not familiar with the song "Friends" by Michael W. Smith... and Jonathan and Jonny immediately call into question if he is really a Christian.  

There's great wisdom from Kenny, great follow-up conversation with the 3 Js, and you should check out Rocketown's website asap!   www.rocketown.com