021.0 - Todd Jones - Stoked on Youth Min and Ministry on School Campuses


We made it to season 2!!!  The 3 J’s celebrate this fact and we (sort of) thank our mothers.  They start to introduce the interview but get slightly sidetracked on football things and how west coast Todd Jones comes across.  There is also mention about a different J3 podcast that we hope you’re not listening to.  The interview begins and it’s immediately obvious that Jonny’s mic REALLY picked up the high ends of his voice (aka - he sounds a little nasally… our bad).  Todd has fantastic insight on how to have a better ministry that involves you being on school campuses.   The J’s are immediately struck by how much this interview is obvious and yet convicting.  Check out Todd on his website - Stoked on Youth Ministry - and follow him on twitter! (also... follow Stocked on YM on Twiitter!)