Talking with Our Students about the Parkland School Shooting...

Living in this digital age ensures one thing: a teen's convictions are being formed through the exchange of beliefs. The recent shooting in Florida has caused many to start probing deeper and deeper questions. Students are no exception. While social media has been the prime platform for the wide range of viewpoint exchange, the classroom has been another medium as well. 


The topic of gun control has gripped the conversation of students - and rightfully so. Many students are taking ownership of the issue in light of the Florida shootings. In fact, the news is being filled with students who are marching on Washington DC in response. We are serving a generation that is taking ownership of social issues like never before; this should fill us with excitement - and action.

This is our chance to lean in on current events and help teens glean wisdom from trusted adults. Students WANT to have these higher conversations with adults. Let’s make sure we don’t miss these opportunities.

Here are some discussion starters that are possible in light of the Florida school shooting:

  • Have you and your friends been talking about what happened in Florida?
  • What do you think adults can learn from this situation in hopes that this doesn’t happen again?
  • What do you think about students who are marching on DC for gun control reform?
  • Do you feel that teens can make a difference in the American government? 
  • Has there been anything going on inside of you that you have been wanting to do in response to this tragedy? 

These questions could lead to long conversation or they could be shut down instantly. Regardless, simply asking a teen what their thoughts are shows them their value as a individual created by God with opinions, questions, and passions. You’d be surprised how much is landing in their hearts even when you think it isn’t.

Lean in. Don’t let society be the chief influencer in this topic. Let’s ascribe dignity to our students by putting them in the driver’s seat of conversation. They already are - we just need them to loop us in.